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Welcome to West Ham Parish Church

                       of All Saints,

           Church Street,Stratford        

               LONDON,  E15 3HU

All Saints' Church is one of Newham's finest buildings which dates back a thousand years. To many in this area, it is known affectionately as the Cathedral of the East End - and rightly so. This dignified building has watched over the great developments of our history. Once associated with Stratford Langthorne Abbey, it has been linked with the crown both in fact and legend. It is said that Henry VIII used to visit the church with Anne Boleyn on their visits to the Abbey (there is a Boleyn Road nearby).

The Abbot of the Abbey was originally the patron of the church and one of the Abbots baptised Queen Elizabeth I and also went to Greenwich to welcome Anne of Cleves in 1539. The church witnessed the plague and the Great Fire of London would have been clearly seen from its majestic tower. Charles Dickens used to set his watch by the time on the church clock - the mechanism is thought by some to be the prototype of the world's most famous clock - Big Ben, at Westminster. The earliest schools were built within the churchyard and many daughter churches were established throughout Newham. The parish boundaries now include Pelly Road, Ham Park Road, Vicarage Lane, Maiden Road, West Ham Lane, Paul Street, and the railway line to the south.

Within the church there is much to explore - the monuments and tower, the organ, the architecture which traces changing styles (each generation has left its mark on the church) and there is much to enjoy - concerts, social events, festivals, quiet days and of course the love of God and fellowship amongst our Christian congregation.

Please explore our website - there is much here too: pictures and prints of our lovely building, photos of our parish life and details of services and events. Take a look at the zones - eg Faith and prayer - where we hope you will find some spiritual help and guidance. Learn about our parish groups and events and our plans for the future of the building.

Why not pay us a visit?


The church is open usually on Sundays from 10.30am until 1.30pm (service from 11am until 12.45pm), Tuesdays to Fridays 10am - 2 pm, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for Evening Prayer from 5.10pm until 5.45pm (service from 5.15-5.40). These times might change because of holidays or other local events or commitments. Please ring the Vicar on 0208 519 0955 if you wish to confirm opening times in a particular week, or if you wish to visit at other times by arrangement.

Come and join us, become part of our community and help us to celebrate the Lordship of Christ in the wonderful diversity of Newham.

To God be the glory!


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